Anti-Malware Security for Enhanced Digital Safety

Moxiscan offers effective removal of the latest viruses, malware, adware, browser hijackers, ransomware, trojans, worms, scamware, and other threats. Our solution provides reliable protection with a track record of long-term proven results.

Moxiscan’s advanced proactive protection and detection features, including AI Detection, Behavior Detection, Deep Dive Detection, Deep Script Detection, and Ransomware Protection, are crafted to safeguard your computer by blocking malware and other harmful threats, as well as thwarting hackers from compromising your system and personal security.

Our proactive detection systems operate quietly in the background, providing continuous security coverage while minimizing any impact on system performance.

Key benefits of Moxiscan's proactive detection include:

High performance with excellent detection rates for various types of malware

Swift response to emerging threats

No false positive detections


Minimal CPU usage

Quick analysis of suspicious or infected files for our partners


Our system is highly effective in thwarting new and unidentified ransomware from encrypting your files.
When any malicious activity is identified, all non-essential programs are immediately terminated, effectively halting malicious software in its tracks.

Moxiscan Data Backup

Moxiscan Features

Moxiscan AI Sandbox

Detecting Unknown Cyber Threats: Our proprietary cutting-edge technology, Moxiscan Sandbox, captures unidentified files and sends them to our Threat Labs for real-time analysis. This ensures your safety from hackers by staying ahead of emerging threats.

Moxiscan Nimbus Scanner

Moxiscan Nimbus Scanner, coupled with hourly threat updates, offers our lightest software yet. With a significant portion of threat analysis conducted in our Moxiscan

Moxiscan Behaviour Detection

Moxiscan anti-malware harnesses the collective strength of neural network technology and a curated selection of malware classification algorithms. It vigilantly monitors unknown, potentially harmful applications and other threats,
swiftly halting any offending
program or process from executing potentially detrimental activities.

* For Windows OS only